Wilderness Adventures

At Camp Bighorn, we specialize in multi-day backpacking trips, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking adventures designed to help young adults gain confidence exploring God’s creation.

Camp Bighorn Wilderness Adventures

We lead two seasonal programs to explore national forests, wilderness areas and rivers throughout Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and central Mexico.


We have a team of experienced staff dedicated to creating safe learning experiences that will improve your ability to take on the great outdoors. Worried your experience level might be too low? All we ask is that you arrive able to carry a 35lb pack across 5 miles of hilly terrain. So rest easy, those awesome camping stories are just a few clicks away.


At each leg of the journey, we stop to discuss history, responsible wilderness ethics, and other related skills to deepen every individual’s love of the great outdoors. In other words, we believe in adventure with a purpose.


It is our hope that through extended time together we can share with you our love of adventure and the outdoors and equip you to explore confidently and responsibly on your own. We have two packages available this year and you can choose to participate in both or just one of them. The winter/spring adventure package includes an optional trip to Central Mexico where we will explore and experience the cultural diversity from Mexico City to the volcanoes and rain forest villages found in that area.


2019 Fall Wilderness Adventure:

August 21st - November 26th



2020 Spring Wilderness Adventure:

January 5th to April 30th


$5,822 (With optional Mexico trip)


$5,122 (Without Mexico trip)

All costs for food, lodging, travel and adventure trips is included in the package costs which are due on the first day of the adventure program. A deposit is required to save your spot. If you are going to Mexico with us you will need to have a current passport when you arrive in January.


To register for one or both of our adventure packages please contact Adam Rice by phone or email.



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