Venture Expeditions

Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure for Struggling Teens and Young Adults
Venture expeditions are designed to take both students and staff out of their comfort zones in order to build community and growth. Real life experiences on the river or in the wild act as life lessons and are facilitated to bring participants to gain a better understanding of themselves, their morals values, and life decisions.

The desired outcome is that students would be able to walk in truth in understanding what it means to make life choices and how they affect themselves and impact others. Instead of trips that provide immediate gratification, or just recreational relief, Venture trips engage students in such a way that ask them to process life together in community.

Venture trips are designed for staff and students to engage in experience and challenge in such a way that is conducive to character building and growth.

Trip types include:

Contact Venture Coordinator, Caleb Sapp, to plan a Venture trip or expedition: