I felt like I really learned to trust you guys, especially on the ropes course, you guys really had my back.

- Frank

What is Venture?

The Venture program partners with local youth homes, therapeutic programs, inner city and rural after-school programs to provide avenues for character building in an outdoor/adventure context. Real experiences on the river, wilderness, and ropes course, engage students in a way that asks them to process life together--leading to healthy communicating, positive relationships, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, students are exposed to the Good News of Jesus Christ.


The heartbeat of the Venture Program is a desire to move past stereotypes, to serve those who are labeled.  The fact of the matter is we are all at risk. Each of us is one decision away from greatly impacting our life as well as the lives of those around us.

For more information for scheduling your group adventure, contact Caleb:


1850 MT Hwy 135  Plains, MT 59859

P: (406) 826-3144  F: (406) 365-1400