Living in community is one of the great privileges of being a Journey student. Being surrounded by peers who desire to deepen their knowledge and trust of Christ allows you freedom to learn and be honest. But it is also the diversity of the community that is a blessing, as you will challenge each other with your differences, learning to listen, love, forgive, and form deep relationships centered around truth rather than similarities.


The Lodge

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Dorm Room

The Food

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When not out on trips, students will live in the “dorms” at camp. Housing is divided by guys and gals, each having a shared community restroom with sinks, toilets, and showers. Rooms are accommodated with bunks, drawers, and a coat rack. Students will need to provide their own bedding.


Three tasty meals a day are provided by our kitchen staff as the entire student body and Bighorn community come together to share in food and fellowship. Meals are buffet style and specialty food needs can be accommodated in coordination with the kitchen manager.

The Lodge

The Lodge is the hub of camp life. It provides a welcoming environment for meals and time in community. Students often use the lodge for homework, games, studying; all or which can be done around the fire! The upstairs of the lodge is also used as one of our main classroom spaces.

Free Time

While on campus, students often use their free time to enjoy each other’s company. They play games in the lodge, play sports like soccer or ultimate frisbee in the field, go hiking, hang out on the couches around the fire, play music, find a chance to go out rock climbing, and many other things.  If you have a vehicle, the small town of Plains is 12 miles away.  The larger city of Missoula is 72 miles away.  Often, we will carpool to movies, ice cream, and shopping.  High speed Internet is available and cell service is best with Verizon.


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Student Life

Students will share responsibilities in camp life throughout the year, including tasks such as washing dishes, leading chapels, and cleaning facilities. As an aspect of leadership development, this reflects our belief that true Christlike leadership is not found in holding a high position but through someone’s non-anxious influencing presence in any situation that is the result of a deep trust in Christ.


Host Families

Students will be hosted on a weekly basis by one of the Bighorn staff families. These times provide a structure for support and relationship with our staff and give an opportunity to everyone to be learning together through study of Scripture.

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1850 MT Hwy 135  Plains, MT 59859

P: (406) 826-3144  F: (406) 365-1400