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Adventure {ad-ven-cher}; noun

1. any situation with an unknown outcome.


Bighorn loves adventure! And we love seeing how God uses adventure in our lives for our good. Stepping out of our comfort zones to face the unknown creates an environment that opens us up to see new truths about ourselves and about God. The program is packed with a total of 60 days of adventure.  Students will not only get to experience these adventures, they will receive quality training in these outdoor skills as well as be equipped to lead others through these adventures and facilitate their learning.


Below is a list of many of the skills that will be a part of the Journey Program. There is a potential for variation from year to year as to which adventures will be possible based on weather and program goals.



The academic portion of the program seeks to teach a biblical perspective on God, ourselves, and the world in order to give us a lens through which to interpret our experiences and inform our decisions. A life lived in trust of God’s perspective is a life of faith, and it is meant to guide us through the very real circumstances of our lives.


The following classes will be integrated with the students’ adventure, leadership, and cross cultural experiences throughout the year.


Academic Classes

New Testament - understanding redemption through Christ as it is revealed in the New Testament and our calling to seek the kingdom of God.

Old Testament - understanding the holiness of God, story of redemption, and his use of the wilderness in the shaping of men and women of God.

Critical Thinking- discover the lens by which you and others look at, interpret, and interact with the world around you.

Spiritual Formation - developing practices that open us to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, for a life of longterm spiritual growth.

Small Group Adventure Ministry - equipping students to lead and teach others through adventure based ministry and life experience.

Life Ministry - equipping students to develop vision and mission based on what God has taught them in order to overflow into a life of intentional service.

1st Semester

  • Intro Backpacking & Canoeing Trip/Leadership Training = 2+ weeks
  • Integration of Academics, Outdoor Adventures, and Practicums = 8 weeks
  • Classes: Spiritual Formation, Critical Thinking, and Small Group Adventure Ministry.
  • Adventures: White Water Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Challenge Course Facilitation
  • Practicums (Leading Adventures): 3
  • Adventure Leadership Practicums
  • Worldview Practicum: Missoula/Spokane = 2 weeks
  • Semester End Retreat = 3 days

2nd Semester

  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification (WAFA): = 4 days
  • Integration of Academics and Outdoor Adventure = 2 weeks
  • Class: The Heart of God as Seen in the Old Testament, Spiritual Formation
  • Adventure: Search and Rescue
  • Preparation for Extended Backpacking Trip and Mexico Trip = 2 weeks
  • Backpacking Trip Planning: Trip Design, Leadership and Facilitation, Food and Logistics
  • Mexico Trip Planning: Preparation for Cross Cultural Interaction and Ministry
  • 21 day Backpacking trip.
  • Trip Debrief and Regrouping for Mexico: Las Vegas = 3 days
  • Mexico Practicum and Cross Cultural Exposure Trip = 3 weeks
  • Resting at Bighorn = 3 days
  • Integration of Academics and Adventure = 3 weeks
  • Classes: Life Ministry, Spiritual Formation
  • Adventure: Winter Camping, Winter Backpacking,
  • Avalanche Detection and Rescue
  • Final Backpacking Trip: Student Led = 4 days
  • Final Retreat/Transition Seminar = 3 days


School Year Breakdown

(but understand it varies from year to year)

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