Journey Outdoor Gear List

Though it is best to come as prepared as possible, you do not need to buy all of your wilderness clothing and gear prior to arriving at Journey.  You will have an opportunity at the beginning of the year to purchase things with the guidance of staff.

Camp Bighorn supplies technical equipment and group gear such as kayaks, harnesses, camping stoves, tents, wet suits, PFD’s, etc.  It is not necessary to purchase your own.

Wilderness Clothing

  • Shell layer (top & bottom, ie. Goretex) Must be waterproof and breathable ($100-350)
  • Insulating Layer/s (top & bottom) Such as fleece, wool and/or down vest/jacket ($40-200)
  • Base layers (top & bottom) Synthetic/wicking long underwear ($20-75)
  • Gloves: a lighter and a warmer pair (ie. waterproof/wool/fleece/liner pair such as polypropylene) ($30-80)
  • Warm hat/Beanie ($10-20)
  • Socks: Insulating (ie. wool/synthetic) and liners (ie. polypropylene, polyester), at least 2 pairs of each ($2-10/each)
  • Hiking boots: Leather can be water-proofed, broken in.  Suitable for 6 day fall trips on mountainous terrain ($75-200)
  • Durable sport sandal (ie. Chaco/Teva/Nike), water shoes or neoprene booties for rafting and river activities ($35-100)
  • * Gaiters*: Waterproof protection to cover the top of your boot and lower leg so moisture doesn’t get in ($25-60)
  • *Paddle/Splash jacket*: For wet, cool river activities ($50-150)
  • *Backpack Cover*: To protect your pack from the elements ($20-40)
  • *rock climbing shoes*: provides great grip on the rock.  Camp Bighorn also has some shoes available for use.

Wilderness Gear

  • Backpack: For trips up to 6 days, 65-80 L./4000-5000 C.I. ($100-300)
  • Day Pack: For day trips, 30-40 L. / 1800-2300 C.I. ($25-100)
  • Sleeping bag: rated to 20˚ F or lower ($150-400)  Note: A fleece liner is a cheaper option to add warmth to a bag
  • Sleeping pad: Such as Thermarest or closed cell foam pad ($10-60)
  • Head lamp ($10-30)
  • Water container(s): Equivalent to +2 liters (ie. Nalgene bottles)
  • Whistle
  • Lighter
  • Pocket knife
  • Compass
  • *Trekking poles* (strongly recommended for those with any joint problems)


  • *Personal Sporting Equipment* (ie. Mountain Bike, PFD, climbing harness, etc)
  • *Small cooking stove*
  • *Tent*

*Optional Items*

Purchasing Guide

Need more information about specific gear? Gear Purchasing Guide!

You may wish to drop off or ship some of your belongings straight to Camp Bighorn. Before you do, please phone ahead to confirm available storage space by contacting Camp Bighorn’s Administration Director, Garrett Boon at (406) 826-3144 or

Camp Bighorn is serviced by Federal Express, UPS and the US Mail service. Shipments must be properly marked and sealed. Parcels may also be mailed to you throughout the semester as needed.