281Experience alone is not enough to teach us as we are each subject to our own limited interpretations and “truths.” The academic portion of the program seeks to teach a biblical perspective on God, ourselves, and the world in order to give us a lens through which to interpret our experiences and inform our decisions. A life lived in trust of God’s perspective is a life of faith, and it is meant to guide us through the very real circumstances of our lives.


The following classes will be integrated with the students’ adventure, leadership, and cross cultural experiences throughout the year.

  • New Testament- understanding redemption through Christ as it is revealed in the New Testament and our calling to seek the kingdom of God
  • Old Testament- understanding the holiness of God, story of redemption, and his use of the wilderness in the shaping of men and women of God.
  • Critical Thinking- learning to think critically about worldviews and engage the world around us
  • Spiritual Formation- developing practices that open us to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, for a life of longterm spiritual growth
  • Small Group Adventure Ministry- equipping students to lead and teach others through adventure based ministry and life experience
  • Ministry Management- equipping students to develop vision and mission based on what God has taught them in order to overflow into a life of intentional service.


IMG_5840Dr. Tom Collins- Tom was the director of Camp Bighorn for 20 years, developing and living out its current vision and mission. Along with his leadership and adventure ministry experience he also has a doctorate in Christian Leadership and absolutely loves to teach and challenge students to live out their responsibility as a member of God’s Kingdom.

1234368_10151587328170583_1131795552_nReuben Stratford- Reuben has been involved in adventure ministry for over 15 years at Camp Bighorn and has a masters degree in Spiritual Formation. He loves to challenge students, teach experientially, and help people to gain new perspectives.