Prayer Cabin

This secluded cabin was the dream of Dwayne and Pam Koop, who found space to reflect on God’s work and pray in this lonely area away from the center of camp during many seasons of their life. In September of 2010, their dream began to become reality as the entire extended Koop family gathered at Bighorn to help construct the cabin. They completed a large part of the work, and Bighorn staff later on finished off the work throughout 2011 on what is now a fully functional and winterized cabin.

If you’re looking for a place to retreat, pray, and spend time with God, this is a great option. The one-room cabin is a equipped with a queen-sized bed, writing desk, small wood stove and a nearby outhouse. The back deck has a beautiful view of the Clark Fork river and surrounding mountains.

The Prayer Cabin is available at no charge, and must be reserved in advance through our office. Please note that there is no running water or electricity, and access is by a steep trail approximately 1/4 mile long.

Thank you for this wonderful prayer and retreat cabin. I pray that this cabin brings the Lord to a lot more people.


I feel a sense of awe when stepping into a prayer room…thank you for this place where so many can give glory to you, Father.


I was deeply moved by the story behind this beautiful prayer cabin. I came dry and thirsty and am leaving refreshed and filled up!


I spent much needed and sweet time in prayer… The battle is not mine, it is the Lord’s.


Thank you to the Koop family for this wonderful place to ‘retreat’ and pray!