Adventures at Bighorn

We believe the outdoors and adventure activities offer campers, students, and staff members alike the opportunity to experience God in unique and real ways. We challenge each other to grow in our understanding and application of Godly character, leadership, and relationships with others. We then take what we learned about ourselves, God, and others and apply it to all areas of our lives.

Join us for a unforgettable week of challenge, adventure, and fun!

Family Adventures

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Camp Bighorn is so much more than a “family vacation”, it is an unforgettable experience allowing you to bond closely as a family. You will spend time in the Word and in the outdoors, both relaxing and challenging to try something outside the norm. Consider what a week at Bighorn could mean for your family, we would love to see you here!

Youth Adventures

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Our youth camps build character in young people. We utilize the tool of outdoor adventure, bringing youth into a new environment where they can ask questions about life and faith.

We point towards God’s Word, incorporating into our activities a curriculum that helps youth grow in their faith and in understanding what it means to be a Godly leader in today’s culture. We place a strong emphesis on transference, applying the lessons learned here to each participant’s life at home.

Journey GAP Year College Program

Bighorn invites anyone ages 18 and up to break the routine of life and step into 8 months of adventure with us at Camp Bighorn, developing the foundation of their faith in Christ through a rich curriculum of wilderness adventure, biblical study, intentional community, cross cultural experience, and servant leadership.

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Venture Expeditions

Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure for Struggling Teens and Young Adults
Venture expeditions are designed to take both students and staff out of their comfort zones in order to build community and growth. Real life experiences on the river or in the wild act as life lessons and are facilitated to bring participants to gain a better understanding of themselves, their morals values, and life decisions.

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