Desired Outcomes

Bighorn values people. We value their growth and maturity both in Christ and leadership. Therefore, our adventure programming focuses on seven character outcomes we see as vitial to a Kingdom leader. We are uniquely positioned to disciple youth and families into understanding these charcter traits, giving a practical application through our adventure and wilderness activities.

For each character outcome, we have created a short video clip presenting how we integrate these outcomes into our activities. These videos give a glimspe, a small glimpse into what happens at Bighorn. Our activities provide so many opportunities for growth it would be impossible to capture them all. We hope as you watch these videos, you will hear and see the heartbeat of what Bighorn is all about.


So often today, we throw “love” around like it was anything but special. We love the new boots we got for fall. We love the chai spice latte the barista made us. We love the song that came on the radio. But do we? Are the new boots, the chai spice latte, the song on the radio any of those things that God tells us love really is? Do we love others the way Scripture defines love? Are we patient and kind? Do we boast? Are we arrogant? How do we love? What do we love? It’s more important than we think. We love because God first loved us. So it would make sense that how we love, and what we love, really reflect Him.


Discernment isn’t always easy. In fact, most often it is a big grey area in which everyone has a different opinion and different solution. Sometimes, we might wish for things to be more black and white, but God has given us a gift through our ability to discern right and wrong, good and evil. Sometimes discernment comes in small ways – should I study tonight or Skype with my friend? Other times, it’s bigger – what line should I take on the river to make sure we are safe, and yet, have a good time? And then there is the big area of moral and ethical discernment. Hopefully, in practicing good discernment in the smaller things, we’ll be more prepared to make Godly choices when it comes to the bigger issues.


We’ve all been fearful and apprehensive at times. Yet we are told we do not have a spirit of fear but, rather, the power of the Holy Spirit. How can we use adventure to instill courage? And how can we translate it to other areas of our lives? Like Joshua, the Lord has given us not a spirit of fear but of power, and He will be with us always, even to the end. (2nd Timothy 1:7, Matthew 28:20)


Quitting is so much easier. But it’s also far less fulfilling and we don’t learn nearly as much when we quit. Perseverance is hard, but the rewards often make it worth it. Persevering can be physically demanding, emotionally draining, and spiritually depleting. Thankfully, we live in community with others who can join us in persevering, making the reward that much greater. Thankfully, we have a God who never tires, never forsakes us, and will always see it through. Where have you given up when you should have fought?


Happiness and joy are not the same thing. Happiness is an emotion that changes based on our circumstances and feelings. Joy is a command! We are commanded to be joyful in all things – to chose joy even when circumstances tell us otherwise. There is always joy to be found, even in the darkest of situations and trials. God is sovereign in it all and has chosen us as His beloved children. What greater gift could we be given? What greater circumstance to rest in joy is there on this earth?


Few things teach responsibility like a backpacking trip. It is a hands on practicum in responsible living. If you don’t make dinner, you don’t get it. If you don’t put your food high up out of the reach of bears, you might not have breakfast. But responsibility doesn’t end when we get back to our car. How can we take what we learn in the back country, or on the ropes course, or on the river, and use it to live more responsibly at home? How will my life, and the lives of those I’m around, change because I chose to be responsible for myself?


We all have goals and milestones we want to reach. We all have dreams we want to see fulfilled. But when, if ever, is it more important to put those goals aside for the sake of others?